Touchwood Boutique Found A Gap

Daphine Bikaba has researched into an independent retail shop, Touchwood Boutique. Touchwood Boutique is an independent retail shop in Deepdale, Preston founded and run by designer Fatima Zumla. Fatima started designing in 1980 making custom-made children’s wear and menswear for high profile clients including Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis. Today she makes bespoke Asian wear … More Touchwood Boutique Found A Gap

BIBA Urges Businesses To “Put Their Firms Through An MOT”

The Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBA) body are challenging businesses to ‘put their firms through an MOT’ and enter its 2017 contest for the chance to win one of its prestigious awards. The previous contest in 2016 saw many companies of all shapes and sizes battle it out in the finals, many of which were … More BIBA Urges Businesses To “Put Their Firms Through An MOT”

Santander Launches A Voice Assistant

UK customers with a Santander online banking account will now soon be able to check their bank balance, and make payments directly from the iPhone SmartBank app. The new technology development, which is currently still being tested, comes after the bank launched a voice assistant banking feature last year which allowed customers to give simple … More Santander Launches A Voice Assistant

National Apprenticeship Week 2017

The 10th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) runs from March 6 – 10, with events being staged across the country to demonstrate the benefits of apprenticeship programmes and to offer advice to employers. Schools, colleges, universities and various other organisations are to host open days and information sessions throughout the week, with events also scheduled … More National Apprenticeship Week 2017

Local Shop Owners Out Of Business For Ten Weeks

Photo Credit: Daphine Bikaba Cannon Street in Preston, Lancashire is currently closed and will see its pavements completely removed and replaced with one single surface after the makeover started on February 16. The road works, which are costing thousands of pounds aim to create more space for pedestrians and encourage motorists to slow down and … More Local Shop Owners Out Of Business For Ten Weeks

Twitter Shuts Down Its “Dashboard” Business App

Photo Credit: Dave Shea via Flickr Twitter is continuing their cutbacks and changes to the brand with the demolishing of their Dashboard business app. The app was a tool that let businesses track analytics for their tweets, manage scheduled posts and let users see statistics and how to improve figures. The shutdown of the app … More Twitter Shuts Down Its “Dashboard” Business App

Liverpool Baltic Company Launches Website Development Service

Photo Credit: Steve Donovan Liverpool-based company Citrus Suite, known for their award-winning app service for games, books and health, have created a sister website development service for clients and local independents of Liverpool and The North West. The launch comes after the prominent demand for their style of website development, which means full brand control. … More Liverpool Baltic Company Launches Website Development Service

Brick and Mortar: What Works Best For Your Company?

Photo Credit: Negative Spade via Pexels Kirsty Moody investigates into the pros and cons for both brick and mortar. The most difficult decision when creating your business is deciding whether to open online or as an actual store. This can be down to personal preference, but also what is better for the business. Obviously with … More Brick and Mortar: What Works Best For Your Company?