BIBA Urges Businesses To “Put Their Firms Through An MOT”


Photo Credit: Wikirishiaacharva via Wikimedia

The Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBA) body are challenging businesses to ‘put their firms through an MOT’ and enter its 2017 contest for the chance to win one of its prestigious awards.

The previous contest in 2016 saw many companies of all shapes and sizes battle it out in the finals, many of which were sole traders competing against more larger and established organisations.

Finalists and entrants alike of past BIBA awards have spoken positively of the effects felt in their business following entry into the competition. Winner of the Creative Business of the Year award in 2016, Leon Caverley, said his victory “generated more publicity and boosted new business enquiries.”

Mark Oulson-Jenkins, another past entrant, spoke of the benefits of entering the competition.  He said: “I would urge anyone out there to apply for the BIBAs. The application process alone will allow you to review your business and, if you are successful enough to make it further, these benefits will increase.”

The judging process itself has been particularly lauded, as the judges each year originate from a variety of industries and backgrounds and are notable in their thorough and balanced process when evaluating the practices and effectiveness of a business.

In a press article for the Blackpool Gazette, judge Babs Murphy was quoted as saying “the BIBAs provides a spotlight for every one of the individuals and firms which not only picked up trophies but also made it to the finals.”

The judging process is open to all businesses of any size, with 18 awards on offer for this year’s contest. The closing date for applications is Friday March 31 and the shortlist of accepted businesses will be released on Tuesday May 2.

Written By George Pickering


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