Twitter Shuts Down Its “Dashboard” Business App

Photo Credit: Dave Shea via Flickr

Twitter is continuing their cutbacks and changes to the brand with the demolishing of their Dashboard business app.

The app was a tool that let businesses track analytics for their tweets, manage scheduled posts and let users see statistics and how to improve figures.

The shutdown of the app comes from recent talks of stripping back promotional services from the platform due to tweeters and businesses not fully taking advantage of the ways to promote tweets on the site.

Some users took to their Twitter accounts to let their followers know how they felt about the shutdown. One user @Bireken459 said: “The shutdown of Twitter Dashboard for Businesses has not been shocking. Saw it coming a long time ago.”  Another user tweeted: “Just read that Twitter’s Dashboard app has gone. I didn’t even realise they had one to begin with…”

With more businesses going elsewhere to manage statistics and analytics, Twitter is having a hard time trying to take back their title as the business promotion platform that it once was.

The shutdown of the app was formalised earlier this month on February 6 and there are no current plans for Twitter to create something new for businesses.

However, the platform wants to bring the tools that were available on Dashboard to the generic Twitter timeline, and hope that the increase in celebrity influence on the platform will help towards business promotion.

Benefits to this moving to regular Twitter feeds will mean that businesses can still manage their analytics and stats whilst still keeping a close eye on promotion.

Written by Hayleigh Chamberlain


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