Santander Launches A Voice Assistant


Photo Credit: Daphine Bikaba

UK customers with a Santander online banking account will now soon be able to check their bank balance, and make payments directly from the iPhone SmartBank app.

The new technology development, which is currently still being tested, comes after the bank launched a voice assistant banking feature last year which allowed customers to give simple commands such as showing transaction history.


Photo Credit: Daphine Bikaba

Santander customer, Libania Silva said: “It’ll make accessing my account a lot easier than it is now but would it be safe? What if someone with a similar voice as me can get into my account?”

The new app will not only be able to analyse customer’s voices but it’ll also be able to match the typical background noise expected from the customer and allow them to report stolen cards. It will also help people who find typing difficult due to disability or other reasons.

The company’s head of technology innovation, Ed Metzger, said that the new feature will redefine how customers choose to manage their money and will give them choice in how they wish to bank.

The voice app feature comes after HBSC bank launched a voice-enabled log in tool for their customers, enabling them to identify themselves to the bank but not to make transactions.

Written By Daphine Bikaba


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