New Business Corner

Photo Credit: Eddie Rimmer

New Business Corner: February: Ed’s Kitchen 

Tom Welsh talks to chef Eddie Rimmer about taking his first steps in business.

After just two years as a chef, 29-year-old Eddie Rimmer has already taken his firsts step towards his dream of owning his own restaurant.

Ed’s Kitchen will open in March at The Rose of Farington, serving a steakhouse-style menu in the historical Leyland pub, which was fully refurbished in 2014.

“The Rose always had a really good reputation for food, so I want to get that back and use this opportunity to really make a name for myself as well,” said Eddie.

“I’ve always had my eye out for what works in restaurants and pubs, even before I started working in the industry, so this is my chance to try to build something with what I’ve learnt.”

IMG_7522 (2).JPG
Photo Credit: Tom Welsh

Despite a relatively short time in the profession, Eddie already has experience of working as a head chef and feels that the opportunity to start his own business has come at the right time and place.

“I always have new ideas and want to do things my own way, and I think that running my first venture out of The Rose is a good way to test the water,” said Eddie.

He is also already working on a sideline as Ed’s Sweets, which will offer homemade treats including fudge and cakes which will also be available at The Rose, keeping him occupied beyond the usual busy meal times and offering a potential growth market outside of the kitchen.

Eddie said: “It’ll all be bagged and branded with my logo to help get the name known, so hopefully it will get people talking and coming back.

“Then if that side of the business goes well, maybe I could then start pushing that a bit more and look at other ways to get my products out there.”

The kitchen menu has been carefully prepared to suit its environment, but the locally-sourced hearty grill dishes also reflect Eddie’s future plans.

“The thought of there being an Ed’s Bar and Grill some time down the line really excites me,” he said. “It’ll be great to have a place fully kitted out like an American Diner – meat off the smokers, proper American breakfasts – but with a modern culinary twist using the best local stuff, and make it somewhere that people will travel here for.

“I really want to make a stamp around here, and hopefully this is the start of it.”

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